Keep Safe! Disinfecting Services for Residences in South Florida

At BioShield Group, we take every job seriously and work hard to mitigate the challenges our community must deal with at this point in history. We understand what it takes to get rid of viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, mold, mildew, fomites, fungi and algae. We are a service company with expertise in home disinfecting and sanitizing. BIOPROTECT™ is setting amazing new standards for disinfecting and sanitizing.

COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

We Can Help You Keep Your Home Protected.

Protect using BIOPROTECT™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

  • Disinfect and clean high-touch surfaces: Our specialists have the correct equipment to get rid of microbial growth, viruses, pathogens and other bacteria.
  • Take the essential steps: We’ll ask about everyone’s status prior to beginning the project so as to not put anyone at risk. Our team wears face masks and protective gear to prevent contaminants from coming into your home.
  • Provide pertinent information: We understand that there is a great deal of concern out there about coronavirus, so we are here to answer your questions according to the most recent available updates.

We Take the Precautions for You

We aim to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our residential disinfection services in South Florida, consist of:

  • Cleaning your residential property by appropriately applying BIOPROTECT™.
  • We are EPA and FDA approved and follow the protocol set by the Centers for Disease Control to combat bacteria and viruses. We fully comply with the stringent standards that have been set by these organizations.
  • We use the most advanced techniques in industry-standard cleaning to deliver the best results.
  • ULV Fogging: This is a preventative approach that cleans and covers walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Fogging with Horizontal Surface Wiping: For surfaces that experience a lot of contact such as tabletops, door handles, computers, etc.
  • Fogging with Full Wiping: Industry approved steps for validated cases of coronavirus.

This is an extensive cleaning service that applies disinfectants to sanitize as fully as possible. We can’t eliminate the threat completely. No one can. But we can come into your home and create a much safer environment, helping to stave off costly illnesses that hurt your ability to be the most productive you can be.

As we all know, viral and bacterial infections are a risk in the today’s world. A disinfecting and sanitizing program will help bring a sense of safety back to your home. Call BioShield Group now at 561-285-8868 and our experts can assist by providing a detailed program for you.

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