Welcome to our first blog post! Here at BioShieldGroup.com it is very important to us that we emphasize the message that in today’s world, sanitizing and disinfecting is extremely important to all of us. There has never been a more appropriate time and place for targeted sanitizing and disinfecting.

In many settings, including hospitals, businesses and residences, vigilant disinfecting can be an absolute game changer and a life saver. Many facilities, including your home, may have occupants with compromised immune systems which significantly increase the chance of infection spreading and taking hold. Disinfecting surfaces can make a major difference to their health and wellbeing.

In these extraordinary times, it is understandable that people, especially those who are more vulnerable, or who have close contact with someone with a compromised immune system, are going to want to take the extra protective step of disinfecting and sanitizing as a matter of precaution. Health agencies such as the CDC have recommended cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched items in homes during these times.

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Come back often for informative articles and from all of us at Bioshield Group, stay safe!